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I am a constantly studying independent animation student with Oscar calibur ambitions. I love Japanese anime, sci-fi and fantasy books and movies, RPG's, Sonic the Hedgehog (comics, cartoons, games, etc.), and entertaining people.

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Hello, cats and kittens! It's your old pal LycanDiva here with some very important news. Now, since Episode 4 of Sonic Ignition has finally been completed and released, we all know what that means... Episode 5 is now in the works. I've been working on (long overdue) intro and end credits sequences for the show which will be released as a separate "clean intro and outro" video later on, and appear in future episodes with credits inserted. The opening will be skipable, for all of you antsy people who don't have the patience for a 90 second opening credits sequence.

As for actual info effecting Episode 5 directly, I have actually been (*gasp* *shock*) writing a script in advance for the past two weeks along with working on my usual preparations. Why, you ask? Because, Episode 5 will feature...(wait for it)...(wait for iiit)... VOICE ACTING!!! Yes, you read right! Since I finally got myself a new, functioning microphone, I can finally add voice acting to the show. I've had some time to think it over, and I've decided that I will be recruiting a few people to work with me on this endeavor, mostly to fill the male roles.

The female roles won't be much of a problem because I have one distinct advantage in that area that some animators around these parts lack...ovaries. Yeah, since I'm a woman, I can handle the female roles pretty well on my own for the most part...but I would like to find someone else to do Rouge, Blaze, and Tikal somewhere down the line... Especially Rouge, since I need a mature, sexy voice for her, but with my vocal range doing a voice like that is a wee bit taxing on the chords.

So, what would be required of a voice actor for CatDragon Studios? Well, I'll be making out deadlines for sending in voice clips to keep everything running smoothly. Reasonable deadlines, but deadlines all the same. Deadlines will be adjusted only if something comes up that prevents someone from recording (colds, family emergencies, computer problems, etc.). Every episode, you'd be required to submit at least your two best takes per line as separate mp3's (yes, it has to be mp3 format, it has the smallest file size) for easy editing, labeled by episode, act, character, and line to keep everything organized. Because I can't be there with you to direct, I've taken the liberty of adding notes to the script on pronunciation consistency in order to avoid certain words or names being pronounced differently depending on the character, despite the fact that everyone should logically be pronouncing it the same way because they heard it the same way and are speaking directly to each other. Lastly, since this show is a long-term project, I'm looking for people who feel they have the spare time to spend recording a new episode roughly every 1 to 3 months. It's a big project, and I need a dedicated cast who are willing to travel this bumpy road with me, potholes and all.

Is that all...? Let's see... Episode 5 coming up... Intro and Outro being created... Searching for voice talent... Oh! Yes! That's right! I'm planing to do a director's cut of Episode 1 sometime in the future. That will include music, sound effects, and voice acting. Ideally, it should be scheduled for the one year anniversary of the series...but, we'll see where we can pencil it into the schedule later on. ;) Other future Ignition "specials" that I'm thinking of doing someday are game to movie adaptations of the Genesis games, Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, and Sonic Chronicles as well as a possible Super Bowl Special (What? Everyone does Christmas and Halloween specials...no one does Super Bowl! It's practically a holiday here in the States...). These aren't definite yet, but they are possibilities, so I'll keep you posted.

Well, that's it for this week's update. Thanks for reading and, remember, Cledus T. Judd is the Weird Al of country music. Yee...haw...

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